How do I make a return?

How do I make a return?
Products which were purchased online from LCW.com can be returned within 14 days from the delivery date. Keep in mind that you must send your product(s) with the courier which makes you the delivery.

   Return process with UPS:

You can send your product(s) to us along with your invoice after you fill out the return form, found behind your invoice.
In the return form, please select the products that you would like to return, along with the number of items to be returned and the reason of return.
If you lost your invoice/return form, you can easily print it from the “My Orders” section under your account. Simply click on the order details that include the products you would like to return and print out the forms.
Please use the return sticker that includes the barcode, which you can find within your original order package.
You may sen the return directly to the address below in case the return sticker is missing.
            CTPark Bucharest, A1, km 23 Str.
            DC147, Cl. DC1 Joita,
            Giurgiu, 087150

Once you have completed the above steps, you can hand over your return to the courier. 
You may send your returns via UPS for free. However, www.lcw.com doesn't cover expenses occuring for returns sent by other companies. In such cases, the return packages will not be accepted.

Return process with DPD:

Provided that you haven't used them, you can choose from one of the following three different return options to return any goods purchased on lcw.com.

The following link takes you to the DPD return form page.https://voucher.dpd.ro/
Choose Bulgarian or Romanian from the language section on the upper left-hand corner.
Fill out all the required fields. The return voucher number can be found on the return form inside your package and follows the format of “RVXXXXXXXXXXX”.
Once you are sure you have filled in all the fields, click on the Request Courier button.
Following the receipt of your request by the courier company, your return package will be picked up from your address. 
For returns from Bulgaria;
You can send an e-mail to support@speedy.bg along with the invoice and return voucher number or,
You can take the package you wish to return, along with the return voucher form found inside the cargo package, to your nearest Speedy office, DPD's business partner.
For returns from Romania;
You can call the DPD call center on 0318249090 and make your return request using your return voucher number or,
You can take the package you wish to return, along with the return voucher form, to your nearest DPD office.