LC WAIKIKI’s partners


Microsoft Azure, Orange

For data storage services

D.H.L., U.P.S., D.P.D. Logistics, FanCurier

For courier and delivery services

Deloitte Audit Services, Ask for Task Free, Mirus Consulting

For independent financial and statutory audits

Credit Europe Bank, Garanti Bank

For financial and payment services

Orange Romania, RCS&RDS

Telecommunications and internet services

Global Bilgi

For customer relations and call center services

Facebook, Google, Criteo

For marketing and website analytics

Microsoft Corporation

For email and internet communication

Iron Mountain

For archiving services


For medical services

PsyTech , FlowQ , Enocta, Instases

For training and assessment services

BestJobs, eJobs, LinkedIn

Recruitment platforms

Emarsys, Figensoft

SMS and e-mail marketing campaigns