Hello and welcome to LCW.COM this is a website where you will find a link to sign up to a number of the Freebiejeebies websites and has a video and written tutorial on how to do so. I have included four of the Freebiejeebies websites:

Apple Freebiejeebies, Console Freebiejeebies, Gadget Freebiejeebies and Gift Freebiejeebies. These are all individual sites and you can sign up to all of them individually using the same information each time

Step 1.

First of all click the links I have provided on this website which are on the bottom of the page leading to one of the freebiejeebies sites.

Step 2.

Second of all you will be brought to a sign up page. When signing up use your correct details including address otherwise your gift will be sent to somebody else.

Step 3.

After you have signed up you will get an email to verify your email address, when you get this just click on the link to verify your email address and then close the page

Step 4.

Once that is done go to back on to your account and you will have to select an offer, there are a lot of offers which you can spend money on, however if you are not able/willing to spend money then there is also a selection of free offers to choose from. If you do not complete an offer then you will have to get up to in some cases twice as many referrals.

Step 5.

When you have completed your offer all you have to do select a gift you want to receive and post your referral link as many places as possible to get the referrals you need to get your gift.


Sign up to apple freebiejeebies                    Sign up to console freebiejeebies                 Sign up to gadget freebiejeebies